Mobile Monday 31: Double Dose

Because of the holiday last Monday, I never got around to my weekly Mobile Monday post, so I thought I’d add it onto this week. Izzy and I went to the movies last week. When I went over to their house, I found two cute things: some flowers and Claire with her new bow and arrow.

Turns out, Claire and I both think archery is the awesomest weapon for a girl. There’s this movie that my siblings and I used to watch as kids called Flight of Dragons. In the movie, the hero and his companions are walking through the woods when they are shot at by an archer. The person comes forward, takes off a hat, and long, flowing hair falls all around her. It’s a girl who is wicked good with a bow and arrow. I think it made an impression on me. I love how jaunty Claire looks with her homemade quiver of arrows.

I finally got around to getting my Utah license plates. I made the mistake of going to the DMV on the last day of the month at 5 pm. I had an hour before it closed up for the night, so I picked up a number and waited. Along with many, many other people.

The nice thing about the DMV is that there about 20 different clerks working at one time and there are flashing lights to let you know where your number is. I couldn’t find one in the 400s, though. Eventually, they started over at 400, so I just had to wait for 45 people to go. Around 5:40, they called 442. Then the blinking lights stopped and some of the clerks started closing up shop. Nooo!!! I had 20 minutes before 6 and I was 3 numbers away. They just had to keep going. And they did… a few clerks stayed open and I finally got my new Utah plates.

Like most of the country, we had a bbq for the 4th of July. I made a firework themed appetizer. It actually wasn’t intended to be firework-themed… just red, white, and blue, but when I put it all on the platter, I noticed the similarity. See for yourself.

We lit off our own little fireworks after and then walked over to Sugar House Park for the big display.

We recently celebrated Lucy’s first birthday.

And since Mike and Amanda are in town, I try to spend as much time with these kids as I can, although it never seems like much since they have to go back to Mike’s every night at 8 to put the kids to bed. But we squeeze in an hour or two where they can.

Last Friday, Matt, Izzy, Liam, and I picked up a pizza from the Pie and set up a picnic at the University of Utah. It was that perfect time of the evening when the light is getting low and the temperatures are cooling down. I love summer nights in Utah.


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