Mobile Monday 30

Can you believe I’ve already been doing this for 30 weeks? As Brian Fellow would say, “That’s crazy!”

It’s finally truly summer here. The days are lovely and the nights are even better. It doesn’t get dark until around 9 or 9:30. I love that about summer. My friend, Kellie, and I took advantage of one such night by eating on the patio at Sages Cafe. It was great to catch up with her. We email often, but I rarely get to see her. In fact, the last time was when she visited me New Orleans over a year ago.

On Friday, I went to the mountains for the first time since returning to Utah. Some friends had a bonfire and bbq up there. I hope this is the first of many times over the summer.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday over the course of two days this weekend. On Saturday, we took her out to dinner followed by every grandma’s favorite store.

Ok, really it was my brothers that wanted to go there. Claire was quite dressed up for the evening, though, and even brought her beaded handbag with a few spare dollars. But Liam walked out with the best toy, and he was overjoyed.

My mom and I got some quality time in this weekend, though, as we worked for hours on a puzzle. She finally finished it late last night.

Just one more week before Mike, Amanda, and the kids come for a visit. I’m so excited! They move from New Orleans tomorrow. I’m happy for their new adventures in Wisconsin, but I am sad to lose my greatest link to New Orleans. It almost feels like I’m moving all over again.


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