Mobile Monday 29

Hmm… I can’t really remember the first part of last week. It was a busy one. I know I had something going on almost every night. I visited my dad on Wednesday and stopped by my friend Judy’s on Thursday to meet her new little girl (such a darling girl with lots of hair!). But what did I do on Monday and Tuesday? Oh, right… I watched the Bachelorette on Monday. I’m sure I did something equally exciting on Tuesday. But on Friday, I met up with my friend, Alene, for dinner and to check out the chalk drawings at the Gateway.

Here are a few favorite characters – Lightning McQueen, in honor of my nephew Pete, and it might be hard to tell what the other one is. (By the time we finished dinner, a lot of the drawings had protective plastic over them already.)

Could you make it out? That would be some Daleks and the TARDIS. (I’m totally into Doctor Who right now.)

I liked a lot of the drawings, but I think these two were up there as my favorites, especially the take on Starry Night.

The whole time I was there, I kept thinking about this summer day many years ago when Kylie and I went to see the chalk drawings at Alta. It had rained the night before and the drawings were all smeared and the sky was all stormy. It was even better that way because somehow it was just magical.

On Saturday, I took Claire to Utah’s only amusement park, Lagoon. I plan on doing a full post about this, but here are just a few snapshots from the day.

I know I’m getting old because it seriously took me all of Sunday to recover, but it was worth it.

Update: I just remember what I did on Tuesday, and it was exciting. I saw Midnight in Paris with some friends. I loved it and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves Paris, the 20s, or suffers from nostalgia. And when we left the theater, the sky was rosy. And we stopped by Nielson’s Frozen Custard for a delicious treat. It was a rather lovely evening. I can’t believe I forgot.

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