Mobile Monday 28

First of all, you may be pleased or disappointed to know that there are absolutely no photos of food in this week’s Mobile Monday. But there are some pictures of another sharp and keen staple – cute kids! In fact, these kids (and dog) are so cute, they have to wear shades.

We celebrated Matt’s birthday this past week with cake and games.

Last Monday, I returned to Mulligan’s for more mini golf, but this time with friends. And it happened to coincide with the golden hour. I could barely take my eyes off the mountains on my way home (which may have led to two close calls).

While I was living in New Orleans, two new temples were built in the Salt Lake Valley. I decided to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple on Wednesday. When I went in, it was a beautiful summer evening. When I came out, the clouds were moving swiftly across the sky and the wind was whipping around my legs. A good old summer storm.


  1. Kate · June 13, 2011

    That’s a pretty temple. It’s near our house. We went to the open house 2 years ago and enjoyed taking our Hindu friends with us.

  2. Amanda Nicholas · June 14, 2011

    That mountain picture is amazing! What is golden hour? Is that when the sun hits things just right? Cuz baby you got it perfect. And the temple with the clouds so amazing!

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