Mobile Monday 27

The saddest part about Memorial Day being over with is that it’s over with. I had looked forward to that three-day weekend for so long. And I don’t have another one for so long. (I really miss my flex schedule.) But it was nice while it lasted. And the sun came out just in time for us to eat outside. Turns out that eating outside and the promise of future barbecues is the best part about Memorial Day.

Along with the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs, we grilled some veggie kabobs and artichokes.

For dessert, we made s’mores.

I already wrote about how Claire had a birthday this week. Here are two things that I love:

1) Balloons. I mostly love how translucent they are so the colors layer on each other.

2) Shades of blue. Whether it’s stained glass or the twilight sky, I love it.

I think I also must love legs and feet because I seem to take pictures of them. But how I can resist Liam’s chubby thighs?

Claire slept over again on Friday, but she was already asleep when I got home from spending time with friends. In the morning, though, we played a new game Amanda gave her for her birthday called Story Dice. Basically, you roll the dice and make up a story that includes all the pictures found on the dice. I remember doing a similar exercise in my high school creative writing class.

Afterward, we went mini golfing. I was hoping to go downtown and just wander around, but apparently that doesn’t sound fun to an 8-year-old. I think there might be limits as to what I can plan for us in the future. Turns out, Claire is still a kid. But she’s a kid with good ideas because mini golfing was really great. Even if we were really terrible at it.


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