Claire Turned 8

I can’t believe my little Claire turned 8 years old this past Thursday. I remember the day she was born and the frantic drive from Logan to Draper so I could be there on time. And yet, it also seems so normal. I love seeing how she is growing and developing as a person. I wish I could capture some of her expressions and mannerisms. They’re so very Claire.

And now she’s old enough to ride a full size bicycle.

She’s also old enough to choose Tepanyaki as her restaurant of choice for her birthday dinner. Matt and Izzy were concerned about taking Liam somewhere with an open fire, so they asked mom if she would keep an eye on him. I came along. The house was already festive when we arrived.

Claire showed off her birthday cake.

And mom settled in with Liam.

(Yes, that is a giant flower on Liam’s head. Claire thought it was hilarious.)

I had planned to take lots of photos of Liam while they were out (the light was just perfect), but after a few photos, the battery on my camera died. (I should really get a second battery.) I had to rely on my phone for the all important candle-lighting and candle-extinguishing rituals.

On Claire’s first attempt at blowing out the candles, her hair almost caught fire.

Her mom was there to hold it back.

When Claire was 4, I took her to the aviary and on our way home, we found some dandelions and made wishes. When I told her that I wished for true love, she told me that my wish had come true because she already loved me. I’m not sure what Claire wished for when she blew out her candles, but I hope that all of her wishes come true.



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