Mobile Monday 26

Hey Happy Memorial Day! I’m celebrating the day off work by blogging early. I know it doesn’t sound like an exciting Memorial Day activity, but last year, I had to work, so this is an upgrade. (Although, two years ago I was in Boston, so downgrade.) And to make the day even better, later on I’m going to run errands and clean. Yay for days off work! Actually, today I have to do all those boring things because we enjoyed Saturday when the weather was beautiful. Since it’s cold and rainy today, I think it was a good trade.

When I stopped by Matt and Izzy’s on Thursday, I could hear Liam laughing through the open window. He has the best laugh. The trees along their road are in their fully leafy glory now. I love it.

There’s a little pharmacy close by that also sells lots of fun trinkets. They’ve expanded since the last time I was there and now they sell clothes and ribbons. I know it’s one of those design blog cliches that I sometimes get so annoyed about, but seriously, there’s just something great about spools and spools of ribbon.

My mom had a date with a handsome man on Friday. He played her a song he wrote just for her, and I tagged along.

On Saturday, as mentioned, we all went on an adventure. I won’t write about it now because I want to do a full-fledged post about it soon, and I always feel like I give away the best parts on Mobile Monday, but here’s just a hint.

It started raining hard on our way home. We stopped for dinner at a place I haven’t been to in years – Denny’s. The best part about it was that Claire won a unicorn pegasus stuffed animal who went from being named Charlotte to being named Cloud. Both good names. She was so proud. She tested her skills again to get a pac-man for her dad, but this time the crane was too slippery.

It looks like the sun might be making an appearance, so this would be a good time to head to the store. Hope you all have a good holiday!


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