Living Traditions

(I automatically started writing Mobile Monday as the title of this post. It’s a sad reflection of how those are the posts I write most often these days.)

My favorite little companion these days is Claire. I pretend to be a good aunt by taking her to see Peter and the Wolf or the Copper Pit or the Living Traditions festival, but really she’s doing me a favor by coming along so I don’t have to do these things alone. I guess it’s mutually beneficial. Saturday was an absolutely perfect day. I’ve discovered that my ideal degree is 71. Throw in sunshine and a nice breeze, and yep, ideal. These days are especially welcome after several days of rain and cold. The Living Traditions Festival takes place at one of my favorite buildings in Salt Lake, the City & County Building.

The real draw for the festival is the booths of foods from all over the globe. Claire and I walked down the aisle and checked out all of our options. I ended up with a disappointing falafel and Claire picked a delicious burrito.

Luckily she gave me a few bites. After lunch, we went to the kid craft section and Claire made a tissue flower and an origami crane.

Along with an exhibit of crafts (which I didn’t get to see), they have various performances all weekend. There were a lot that I wanted to see, but our time was limited so we could only enjoy a few dances performed by the Salt Lake Chinese Arts school. I didn’t even know there was such a thing in Salt Lake.

Claire loved the dancers and made amazingly insightful comments. During the first dance, she would lean over and whisper about how they moved like water and one of the dancers was probably a mermaid being drowned by the others. Seriously, this girl is not even 8 yet. There were lots of little kids up front dancing along. I thought these two friends were so adorable with their hats.

It’s just too bad that we had to leave early. It would have been a beautiful night.


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  1. isabelle · May 27, 2011

    You are the best auntie ever! Thanks for hanging out with Roo. She loves you so much and so do we.

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