Amusement Parks and Cemeteries

Because where else do you go in New Orleans if it’s not to City Park and Metairie Cemetery? They are two of my favorite places there. Plus, we lucked out because someone had four extra unlimited passes to the amusement park, so Peter and Penny (and us) could enjoy the rides to our hearts’ content. I had always hoped that when I was living in New Orleans that we would all make it to Disney World sometime because I would have loved to see the delight on these kids’ faces. (And I am dying to visit all the different countries in Epcot again. It was my favorite part when I went at 9 years old.) But City Park was good enough. They even have something like the tea cups….

Of course, in New Orleans they are the Slime Buckets. Not quite as charming as tea cups, but I think they enjoyed it just as much. It was so sweet to see Peter take Penny by the hand and lead her to some of the rides.

They got to drive cars, ride horses, and even fly planes.

Peter came with Amanda and me to the Tilt-a-whirl (my favorite) and sat between us as we spun and spun around. When we got off, Mike asked him how he liked it. He said, “It was so fun and the girls were like… Ahhh!”

One attraction we did not participate in, though, were the huge gerbil balls.

Which is too bad because I could have pretended to be a model walking down a runway like on the cycle premier of ANTM.

Peter wasn’t quite sure what to think of the Monkey Jump at first, but I think he ended up loving it! He was so sad when it was over.

I love taking the train around the park because everyone waves at you. It’s like, the most good-natured, friendliest experience I’ve ever had. Plus, I just like seeing people out enjoying the park. There are always barbeques and picnics and family pictures and fishing and paddle boats.

We stopped by Story Land before leaving, and I hung out with Amanda and Lucy while Peter showed Mike the space shuttle and Penny played on the fire engine.

On another morning, we went to the Metairie Cemetery. When I would go alone, I could get all ponderous about life, death, and art.

But when I go with the kids, I basically just play hide and seek.

Penny also practiced her letters.

And when Lucy finally woke up, we took the opportunity to try and get a photo with all three together.

It didn’t last long. Peter was up and running again and Lucy was trying to crawl away.

And that just about wraps up my trip to New Orleans. My mom is going there for a visit this week, and I wish I could just stow away in her suitcase. I miss it.


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  1. Mom · May 11, 2011

    Amanda, your children are so beautiful! I see you in each of them and it gladdens my heart just to look at the terrific pictures Katie takes. You have been so fortunate to have her chronicle their first years. I love the picture of you and Lucy. What a dolly.

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