Mobile Monday 23

I’ve been exploring recipes with lots of fruits and veggies since I started experimenting with Eat to Live. I even steamed up artichokes for the very first time. (They weren’t as good without all the butter to dip them in, though). My favorite smoothie recipe of the week includes fresh pineapple, spinach, and frozen cherries (with a little almond milk as a liquid). It was my go-to breakfast this week, and it’s delicious. Even Claire liked it and said, “This would be a good way to get kids to eat their vegetables.”

Chopping up a lot of fruits and vegetables and cooking was pretty much my whole week (I can’t believe how much time it takes! I’m getting better at planning ahead, though) until the weekend. I was so excited to see Claire’s little suitcase in the hall on Friday for a sleepover.

We decided to go on a little adventure to the Kennecott Copper Mine, but first we stopped by one of the coolest parks in Utah! What makes this park so great is that it hasn’t been updated since I went there in fourth grade, at least. That would have been 1988. So there’s these huge tires and cement tunnels that most parks would deem unsafe. I kind of miss those old school parks where things weren’t made out of plastic. Claire had fun, too.

Then the big pit. That thing is so massive (more pictures to come).

For Mom’s Day, I made my very first pot roast. I also baked a cheesecake. I was very careful when taking the cheesecake out of the oven. The first time I made a cheesecake (many years ago), I had a little accident with the spring form pan not being locked quite in place and ended up with cheesecake all over the floor. This time, it turned out perfect. Matt and Izzy had given my mom some new birdie salt and pepper shakers that are so cute I might end up stealing them.

Since it was a special occasion, I pulled out the sterling silver. This beautiful set was handed down from my great-grandmother (the mom in these pictures), and I love it so much. I think the neoclassical design is so elegant, and there is a W stamped on the back of each one. I used to love to clean and polish them when I was growing up, and I felt a bit of the same ritual as I cleaned up after dinner last night.

I’m always amazed at how quickly the weeks go by. It seems like I’m always posting a Mobile Monday.


One comment

  1. Kristy · May 11, 2011

    Miss Kate, I always love and look forward to Mobile Monday. Nicely done with the cooking, and I’m way impressed that you made a pot roast! Roast dinner scares me! I’m totally in love with that silver. so pretty! I really love the pattern.

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