Amanda had to take Lucy to the doctor when I was in New Orleans, so she dropped Peter, Penny, and me off at Audubon Park to play for an hour. Peter brought his new favorite toy with him.

Wait, before we go to the park, there’s something you should know. Earlier that day, Peter was given something awesome for his birthday. (And yes, it was from me.)

He loved it! And played with it constantly. It was to the point where I wished that I had waited until the last day I was in town to give it to him. But on the first day, it was really fun. And it was really fun at the park, too.

Except that it wasn’t the only friend Peter wanted to play with at the park. There were several other little girls playing that he kept trying to befriend, but they wouldn’t include him. How could you not want to play with this little guy?

Penny Lane is getting so big. She wants to play with all the big kids and climb where she probably shouldn’t climb yet.

When they got tired of playing at the playground, we walked over to see the birds.

It was a hot day in Nola, and the kids were thirsty. I dug into my purse to get their sippy cups and sadly, only found one. Uh oh… quite the dilemma. Do I give Peter his milk while Penny doesn’t have hers? But then, is it fair for Pete to be thirsty? These are the questions running through my mind, and in the end, I just couldn’t resist Pete saying how thirsty he was. We sat down on a bench to take a breather, and I saw a photo op. I asked Penny to scoot closer to Peter.

She was happy to do it… but only because she really wanted his milk.


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