More from the Quarter

Of course we couldn’t just get beignets and call it a day. We did a little shopping, a little meandering, and Peter did a lot of running. That kid has never seen a ramp he didn’t run up or down.

Really, he’s just always running.

One of the saddest things ever was when Peter hurt his toe at Christmas and he said, “Will I ever be able to run again?” (or something like that.) Anyway, that kid likes to run, except for when he likes to climb trees.

There’s a lot of other stuff to do in the Quarter, too. For instance, there’s window shopping.

And there’s those horse things to play with.

I have (had?) such a love/hate relationship the Quarter. I mean, it’s crowded and dirty and impossible to find parking on the weekends. I tried going back there two more times on my visit and just gave up because I got tired of all the drunk pedestrians and not finding parking (really, the parking was the biggest problem, I think). But then… there’s stuff like this:

(This is the beautiful alley for that posh restaurant Amanda and I went to for my birthday.)

And maybe this last picture is of a restaurant in Uptown, not the Quarter, but that’s just the kind of place New Orleans is – full of charming buildings.

Every once in a while when I meet someone new here in SLC and I tell them I just moved from New Orleans, the person responds by saying how they went to New Orleans once and would never go back. First of all, why would you say that to someone who just told you how much they loved it? Second, inevitably, that person visited New Orleans for a convention and didn’t see anything but the French Quarter. I remember telling Amanda once that if I had visited New Orleans and only saw the French Quarter that I would be disappointed, so I can sympathize. The Quarter wasn’t everything I hoped it would be. It can be dirty and it can smell and it can be crowded, but it also just has this vibrancy. The dirtiness just means that it’s lived in, right? I don’t know… I just love it. And I miss it. And if you ever go to New Orleans, make sure that you see something outside of the French Quarter. Take the streetcar Uptown to Audubon Park or something. It provides a nice contrast.



  1. Jenn · April 30, 2011

    I always thought I would hate New Orleans…and then I saw it with you! Totally unexpected, but I fell in love, too. The Quarter is pretty cool, though I have no desire to go to Bourbon Street ever. But out by Tulane and St. Charles St and the gardens and the homes…so awesome!

  2. Mom · May 10, 2011

    When I first found out that Amanda was moving to New Orleans I told her it was my idea of what Hell would be like (my only visit was a fam trip with Gary to, yes, The French Quarter. The smell of liquor and horse manure from the police horses mixed with high humidity (sweat running down my back as soon as I stepped outside the air conditioned hotel room) and the jazz music floating on the air (I have always thought jazz to be chaotic) all combined for an unforgetable experience. Then I saw it through her eyes as we visited several beautiful parks where the kids played and drove around taking pictures of gorgeous houses with you, Katie, and rode the trolley car and you gave me personally guided tours of several cemeteries. The Blue Angel crypt or tomb which was so fortuitously unlocked and we were able to go inside and found the astounding grief stricken statue draped over the cold stone coffin with one live yellow rose left there. Next week will be my last time in New Orleans, just in time for the mighty Mississippi to crest. I wonder if the streets will have flooding?

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