Sugar Lips

What is the first place to visit when returning to New Orleans? Cafe du Monde for beignets. It’s one of those touristy things that is totally enjoyable no matter how many times I would go. We made the mistake of telling Peter early in the morning that he would be getting beignets and that’s all he could talk about. Once we found a seat, we had to wait for a while for the beignets to arrive. Peter and Penny were not happy about waiting.

But it didn’t take long for the fried dough covered in mountains of powdered sugar to arrive and their attitudes to change.

Penny eats her beignet so daintily.

While Peter goes straight for the good stuff.

Penny learned from her older brother to forget the bread and go for the sugar.

But she learned from her mom to still act like a lady.

Unless you try to take some of her sugar. Then it’s no holds barred.

What did Lucy think of all this? She was not at all interested in the beignets. But a spoon can be fun.

Meanwhile, you can never have too much sugar.

And the kids got messier and messier.

Innocent bystanders beware – run-ins with Penny may leave a handprint behind.

Lucy finally tried just a little of the beignet.

I think she liked it.

How could you not?



  1. Anna · April 27, 2011

    Love this. Though, even as an adult, I still manage to look like Peter – in that picture where he’s got powdered sugar even in his hair – when I go. Let’s have a beignet party! I’ve got a boxed mix in my pantry.

  2. kimmie · May 2, 2011

    What a fun trip “home!” I’ve never tried beignets! It’s probably horrible to ask, but how are they different than scones? Seriously, my only experience with them is Princess and the Frog!

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