Mobile Monday 20

The weather was totally bi-polar this week. I wish Mother Nature would take her meds and settle on sunny and warm. It started off great! Even more daffodils were blooming on the side of the road. It almost felt like England. But then it snowed for four days straight, covering up the tulips and pansies at work.

I wanted to just stay indoors all weekend, but I had errands to run. When I looked out the window, I didn’t think it was that bad. The snow seemed to just be floating down, almost like blossoms falling from a tree. When I got on the road, though, I saw it was actually sleet and regretted leaving my coat at home. While I was out, I realized that I had skipped lunch and it was almost dinner time. I was starving, so I looked around for some place with a drive-thru. My options were Carl’s Jr. (Hardee’s for those folks back East), Wendy’s and a Wienerschnitzel. Since I dislike Carl’s Jr. and Wendy’s, I tried out Wienerschnitzel for the first time ever.

I was hurrying to get home so that I could leave again. Claire was in the hospital with an asthma attack, and I wanted to stop by before visiting hours ended. She was doing alright when I got there (and is now home and doing much better), but it’s so sad to see little kids in the hospital, even when they are wearing cute hospital pajamas and have their favorite stuffed animals with them.

Although there were positives about last week, I am honestly happy to see it go. This week’s forecast is much sunnier, but even better, I leave for New Orleans on Wednesday. I’m predicting lots of play time and photos of my much missed nephew and nieces. And I just can’t wait to visit all my favorite places and meet up with old friends, too.


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