Here’s a little family history for you. My great-grandfather was an ear, nose, and throat doctor and went to school in Philadelphia. My great-grandmother grew up in a hotel in a small town in Missouri. I’m not exactly sure how they met. Maybe my great-grandfather grew up in that small town, too? I just know that he has a photo album with a picture of Georgia (my great-grandmother). Under her picture, he has written, “Her!” I love that. They married, moved to Whittier, California, and had one daughter – my grandmother, Barbara Hill Wallace.

On the back of that photo, Georgia has written, “How big is Barbara? So big!” I used to read a book to Peter and Penny that had the same theme throughout, and at the end it asks, “How big is my love for you? So big!”

Here Barbara’s posing in her new red swimsuit and, I have to say, I think she looks pretty fierce.

I think this one is my favorite.

This next picture proves that “the Armstrong sass” – as Cristen calls it – runs deep.

Taking the trike out for a ride must have been the signal for someone to grab the camera. Here she is a few years later. Maybe around age 3 or 4?

Wait, maybe this last one is my favorite. I just love that big smile and those wild curls.

My granny died when I was nine, so I only have a few vague memories of her. Going through these photos and seeing her as a beloved child, as a young woman, as a new mother, as a wife, and as my granny helps me kind of piece her life together. I wish the picture was more complete.



  1. Kristy · April 7, 2011

    These photos are amazing! I love old family photos. Your grandma is so very cute! I also love that cute one of her in her swimsuit.

  2. April · April 7, 2011

    These are so awesome! What a cutie.

  3. Nan · April 11, 2011

    These are so great. It’s amazing how loose all of her clothes are. Maybe we dress our kids too snuggly?

  4. Erica · April 11, 2011

    Love love love. I LOVE THESE!

    The “Armstrong sass” is my favorite. With you and her.

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