California Love

I got back from California late last night and I’m already blogging about it! See, back to normal. The best part about traveling for work is that I always end up staying in much nicer hotels than I would on my own. This is the view I woke up to on Monday morning.

I was dying to get out to that beach, but I had to sit through 8 hours of conference sessions first. What conference was it? The same one I went to last year. The big difference this time, though, was that I went with three other coworkers. It was great to have people to sit with at lunch and during conference sessions and to explore the city with afterward. Immediately after the last session of the day, we went on a long walk along the pier. We saw lots of boats, including the Queen Mary.

We sat on the patio to eat at one of the local establishments just as the sun was setting. It was the perfect evening.

Tuesday was a short day at the conference, so we hopped in the rental car and headed north to Los Angeles and ended up in traffic for an hour. But that’s ok. We still made it to our destination, the Getty Center. My coworkers weren’t sure that the Getty would be worth the hour sitting in traffic, but as soon as we rode the tram up and they saw the building, they got excited. I love museums that are works of art themselves. One of my friends said that the location is a museum in itself, and she was right.

I also took photos of some of my favorite art found within the museum, but I’m going to save them for a separate post. We made our way to the Santa Monica Pier after the museum closed. It was too cold and windy to actually dip some toes in the water, but it was nice to just walk along and look around. We hit it just at the right time for some beautiful light.

The final day of the conference was yesterday, but we basically spent the whole day in classes and then rushed to the airport. The trip was so short, but it was a much needed respite.


  1. Amanda Nicholas · March 18, 2011

    Oh you’ve got me missin’ California. Those pictures are amazing. I’ve got to visit the Getty Center. Glad you got to do some site seeing. All work and no play makes for a very dull day. Love you!

  2. Kylie · March 18, 2011

    Love those photos! It made me want to hop on a plane to California! So pretty.

  3. Vieve · March 20, 2011

    I have been to LA more times than I can count and never went to the Getty. Looks like I’ve been missing out.

    I HATE traveling for work. Glad to hear it’s a positive experience for you.

  4. isabelle · March 22, 2011

    YOu are an amazing photographer!

  5. kellie · March 28, 2011

    love that hedge outside the Getty – that is art, too! amazing photos, & traveling for free rocks!

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