Mobile Monday 16 (on Sunday)

I’m leaving for a conference in Long Beach, California tonight, so I thought I’d post my weekly mobile entry today. It’s been an eventful week! It started off with a snow storm on Monday. I know most Utahns are so sick of snow storms, but since I missed most of the winter here, I still kind of love them. Of course, I didn’t love the hour it took me to get home from work on Monday (instead of the usual 20 minutes), but I loved the next morning.

I had plans to be much more social at work. At my last job, I hardly ever spoke to anyone and on the rare occasions that I would eat lunch out, I always parked under the railroad tracks. Sometimes I will join coworkers in the break room for lunch (or a game of scrabble over lunch), but it turns out that I really like having my lunch hour to myself. Lately I’ve been going on drives while I eat lunch.

Tuesday was also Mardi Gras. I couldn’t go to any parades, but I did brave the snowstorm on Monday to pick up a king cake at Whole Foods and I did bring in some beads to share at work. By the way, that Whole Foods king cake was the best I have ever had!

I attended a 4th birthday party on Wednesday with an amazing rocket cake! I never expect cakes that look that good to taste good, too, but it tasted so good! I guess that’s what happens when you’re related to a baker that appeared on an episode of TLC’s Outrageous Kid Parties.

Claire and I got all dressed up to attend a performance of Peter and the Wolf at Abravanel Hall on Saturday afternoon. I can’t believe how old Claire is now. Sometimes I miss the four-year-old Claire I left when I moved to New Orleans, but I absolutely love that I can have more grown-up conversations with her about how important it is to vote and an assembly they had about the ballet. We have plans for many more Katie/Claire dates in the future.

It wouldn’t be a special outing without a stop for ice cream. I was planning to take Claire somewhere a little more fancy, but she insisted that she really wanted Baskin Robbins ice cream, so that’s where we went.

We ended the night with some Cafe Rio sugar burritos and played video games in the basement. I usually try to avoid photos with flash, but because it was so dark down there, I attempted the flash. Liam was not a fan of the bright light, as you can see. But after a dozen or so photos, he got used to it.

I keep planning to get back to my usual blogging once I’m settled in more, but even though I’ve been here a month now, it just hasn’t quite happened. Maybe after California.



  1. Amanda Nicholas · March 13, 2011

    Oh how fun! What an awesome time y’all had. Wish we could’ve come too. We sure miss our cool aunt Katie!

  2. kimmie · March 21, 2011

    How cool to get to go to a conference for work! I went to a NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Conference my last year of teaching and it was so fun! That’s my only time going to a conference for work though. I especially loved getting to know some of the other teachers at my school better.

    You are such a great photographer! I always love your details and perspective!

    How are you related to that baker? I saw part of that episode of the Outrageous Kids Parties and that was a cool cake!

    • katie · March 21, 2011

      Thanks Kimmie! I’m actually not related to the baker. She’s my friend’s sister-in-law (and my friend, too) and yeah, her cakes are seriously amazing.

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