Mobile Monday 13

This week’s Mobile Monday is really short. Just two pics.

I guess I haven’t taken many photos this week. I’ve been busy settling into work and settling into my room, and I never think about taking pictures of those things. My first week back in Utah has been a good one, though. I’ve caught up with old friends and those visits were even sweeter knowing that they are the first of many and not limited to a short vacation time. I’m really enjoying my new job. I was invited to play scrabble during lunch with some coworkers, which is awesome. I had to try and remember all my two-letter words (luckily we have a cheatsheet). And I’m learning new software, which is something I really love doing.

Even though the weather in New Orleans is pretty perfect right about now, I can’t say that I regret seeing the snow here. So far I’ve been lucky enough that I haven’t had to drive in it, so I get to just admire how lovely it makes the world around me. I still have a hard time realizing that I’m settling in here and not just visiting. I guess it will be more real when it’s been longer than a week.

One comment

  1. Amanda Nicholas · February 22, 2011

    The pictures are looking considerably different from NOLA. I guess you really are in Utah after all:)

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