Mobile Monday 12

Phew! It’s been a long week. It’s so crazy to think that I started off the week in New Orleans. When I got my oil changed on Monday, my mileage was 82121. Now I’m in Salt Lake and my mileage is just over 84300. Two thousand miles later – all in one week! On Monday, I drove across Lake Pontchartrain for the last time. I tried to get a picture of the city in the distance, but it showed up so tiny. Can you even see it?

I spent lots of time playing with the kids and just relishing being with them. I already miss them so much!

Amanda sent me off on Tuesday with a good breakfast – her perfect homemade biscuits and cheesy egg.

(p.s. don’t you just love Lucy’s fuzzy hair? She’s so sweet.)

The first leg of my journey took me through Louisiana up to Dallas, Texas. I spent the night in Dallas and then visited the only place in Dallas I have ever wanted to see – the German Deli! I stocked up on soda, but unfortunately, my favorite chocolate treat was out of stock.

From Dallas, I drove west to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Savvy readers might realize that Santa Fe is off the path, but I had never been there before, so I thought I’d take a slight detour. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the landscape was along the way.

I woke up extra early the next morning so I could briefly explore Santa Fe. I took another slight detour up to Los Alamos. I knew it was a mountain town, but I had no idea how narrow the windy canyon road would be up to the town. Nor was I expecting the amazing view.

(by the way, I will be blogging more about these, and I have better pictures… these are just mobile ones because, you know, mobile monday.)

The most beautiful part of the three-day drive was on the third day, but by that time, I was SO OVER driving. I was starting to feel claustrophobic from all of the stuff in my car, and my legs were cramped because I had to move my seat up slightly to fit the suitcase behind me. And even though I loved listening to my audiobook, the narrator’s voice was starting to get on my nerves. In short, I just wanted to get home. Even though I didn’t want to make any stops, I could appreciate the landscape from my car.

I finally made it to Salt Lake late on Friday night. I spent the rest of the weekend unpacking and settling in and, of course, building lego castles.

One thing I discovered this past week, though, is that it doesn’t matter if you’re 7 years old or 7 months old (or 32, for that matter), everyone loves shiny Mardi Gras beads!


One comment

  1. Hailey Vial · February 15, 2011

    Hey Katie Elaine!
    I’m so glad you posted a comment on my blog. I had lost your blog and now it’s back into my life….er…I mean you are. I’m so excited to go to England. I’ll be touring around in a minivan with Sheri Osburn and her two baby girls, so I’m not sure if we’ll make it up north, but am definitely going to see the Cotswolds and Blenheim Palace. so much to see…I’m driving myself batty reading travel books from Rick Steves. Travel nerds, gotta love em.

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