the last night

I stayed in New Orleans an extra day, but the “last night” came anyway, even though I tried to evade it. And now I’m trying to avoid crying myself to sleep by thinking if all the things I won’t miss about Nola. Here’s what I’ve come up with:E

  • The roads! I can’t even express how bad the roads are here. I know other states claim to have large potholes, but I think some homeless families take shelter in ours. Not to mention the buckling from heat and roots. Cars have a much shorter lifespan in New Orleans.
  • The bugs! Cockroaches and swarming termites and poisonous caterpillars will not be missed for one second.
  • The high prices! How much do you pay for milk? Is it less than $4 or $5 per gallon because ours is not. I almost cried when I was in Salt Lake last fall and saw oranges at 3 for $1. I wanted to text everyone I knew because oranges are 78 cents a piece here. Plus, I’m looking forward to my car insurance decreasing when I don’t have to insure against floods.
  • The lack of customer service (sometimes)! I have literally waited in line for 10 minutes while I wait for several people ahead of me to check out. And then the clerk will decide to go on break, leaving the rest of us to move to another line and start waiting all over again.
  • The humidity! What can I say? I was raised in the desert and I like an arid climate. I think my nose has been congested ever since I moved here.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been able to come up with. But it hasn’t helped. As much as I love this city, the real reason I took a box of kleenex to bed with me (other than my cold) is that I can’t stop the tears from falling when I think about leaving my family. (oops, there they go.) I’m very attached to them, and I can’t use the trick of listing their bad qualities like I can with the city because any petty annoyance is completely overshadowed by love.

The good news is that a city can’t be moved, but I can see my family anywhere. They are part of my life for eternity. I just won’t get to see them every day. And while I am leaving very dear people behind, I am also returning to the other half of my dear family.

So I will cry tonight, but tomorrow I will hug and smile and try to forget that I’m actually moving (despite the car full of stuff). I will tell myself that it’s just for a little while and that I’ll see them soon. And then I’ll remind myself that I have an adventure ahead. I always do love a good roadtrip.

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