Mobile Monday 11

It probably comes as no surprise that it’s been a busy week, but despite having a lot to do and filling up my time, the week was also pretty relaxed. Maybe a little too relaxed because I’m not quite ready to leave tomorrow as planned. Fortunately, I have a little leeway and can just leave on Wednesday instead. So what have we been doing?

Well, on Monday we went to the Hong Kong Market. The aisles there are so colorful and full of surprising things. The great thing about the Hong Kong Market is they have awesome produce at affordable prices. Plus, we treated ourselves to some bubble tea on the way home.

My friend, Aaron, invited me to see Jimmy Eat World with him at the House of Blues. I slightly remember my roommates listening to Jimmy Eat World at Utah State, but I couldn’t remember what song and I had never listened to them. But hey, a concert! Turns out the concert was so much fun. What made it so great was just how into it everyone was. The whole venue was singing along while pumping their fists. It just made it a great time. And bonus, David Bazan from Pedro the Lion opened for them.

I’ve been trying to visit some of my favorite places before leaving. One such place is the Creole Creamery and to mark the special occasion, Amanda and I splurged and shared a banana split (instead of our typical one scoop cone).

Remember how I had that fender bender a few weeks ago? Well, I finally got my car into the shop. They were nice enough to give me a rental car. When I was car hunting a couple of years ago, the dealer tried to sell me on the Chevy HHR. I didn’t even want to test drive it. And guess what I got stuck with – the HHR. It actually wasn’t that bad of a ride; I just wouldn’t even attempt parallel parking. Also, our heat went out on Thursday. That’s right, just as the temperatures in New Orleans were flirting with freezing, we had no heat. (Still don’t – should be fixed tomorrow.) After some kind folks loaned us their space heaters and we bundled up in blankets and sweaters, we’ve kept warm.

I decided a few weeks ago that one of those New Orleans icons I wanted to visit before leaving was Commander’s Palace. Jaime came with me, and we enjoyed a jazz brunch on Saturday. (More later.)

And since this is Mobile Monday, why not share two more videos taken with my mobile phone. First up, here’s Penny’s favorite game, “Where’d Penny Go.”

Next, Peter singing “Book of Mormon Stories.” (You might need to turn the volume up for this one since it’s pretty quiet, but totally worth it.)


One comment

  1. Kate · February 7, 2011

    You’re making me sad that you’re leaving New Orleans! What a cool place. And I’m totally jealous that you went to see Jimmy Eat World. They’re one of my favorite bands and I’ve been obsessed with their latest album, Invented.

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