Mobile Monday 10

This week was full of several “lasts.” For instance, my last time eating lunch under the railroad tracks at work. On the rare occasions that I forgot my lunch, I would pick up some fast food, and then sit in a lot under the tracks and watch youtube videos. Every once in a while, I would spot another coworker in his car doing the same thing. Awkward.

My last week of work. It felt so strange to clean out my desk on Friday afternoon. My department had a little farewell party for me with two huge king cakes. I got to take home the leftovers. On Saturday morning, I found Peter and Penny hovering over it eating the sugar icing.

When I moved from Logan, UT to Indiana over 5 years ago, I found the perfect box. It fits all of my little knick knacks and treasures just right. I have used the box for 6 moves since then. And I still have the same newspaper, dated July 19, 2005.

Although I love the mansions in New Orleans, I’m also going to miss the single shotgun houses. They are these long skinny houses found throughout the city. These are ones I drive drove past every day on the way to work. And then, of course, little Penny Lane. So sweet.

While Penny was sitting with me for the last picture, I also finally recorded her saying her animal sounds. They are so adorable. The lighting wasn’t perfect and there’s a lot of background noise, but I think they are so cute.

It may or may not be my last time taking the bridge to the West Bank. I have loved living in a city with bridges.

And of course, the swamp.


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  1. Vieve · January 31, 2011

    Katie! First off, I am rather excited you are moving back to Utah. However, I totally understand the bitter-sweetness to it all. We will be moving back in May. And we have our bucket list. And are sad to leave behind some of the great things Mass has to offer (as you should know…). But it will be fun to be back with family. And I am sure we’ll cross paths. Which is fun!

    Secondly, love that you like Buffy. I was such a big Angel fan during that show. That I finally moved onto the Angel series. I am really liking it. However, I hear Spike moves over to the Angel series, and I really can’t wait for that. He became one of my favorite characters. And I am rather enjoying the comics. If you get them, just do the tradepaper version, much cheaper. And they pick up where buffy left off. So that is cool. Anyway, thanks for checking in on my blog. Enjoy your last week in New Orleans! And have a safe drive back!

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