dancing queen

For Penny Lane’s second birthday, Amanda threw her a dance party. She invited all of Penny’s friends and turned out family room into the hippest toddler dance club around. And of course, there were lots of delicious and colorful treats.

The idea of the party was for the kids to have fun, of course, but I think we ended up having more fun just watching them. They were so entertaining.

The kids took a break from dancing to enjoy some birthday cupcakes.

Penny didn’t really eat the cupcake, but carefully licked off all the frosting… of three cupcakes.

ok… maybe four.

Penny’s friend, Hazel, liked the cupcakes, too.

After cupcakes, Penny was officially crowned the Dancing Queen.

But minutes later she abdicated the throne to chase after love…

Although her prince wasn’t quite ready to be caught just yet.

It wouldn’t be a real party if it didn’t end with trashing the place.

Happy birthday, Penny! You’re two going on teenager.


  1. Amanda Nicholas · January 27, 2011

    Let’s not go there yet. How ’bout baby going on toddler. Teenager is still far far away … right?
    It was the best party yet! So much fun! Way to capture the special moments Katie:) Thanks!

  2. Erica Morin · January 27, 2011

    1. Katie, you captured this perfectly. They are adorable. I especially like the “chasing after love” side bar.

    2. Amanda is amazing. She is so fun and creative. She is totally a role model for the kind of mom I want to be.

    3. I watched the Pride and Prejudice mini-series yesterday and I understand your Anglo-obsession so much more now.

    Miss you. xoxo

  3. breanna young · January 29, 2011

    LOVE the pictures!!! Whatever lens it was…it worked great 🙂
    I missed the whole scene with Penny and Elijah. He does love her so!
    And thanks for fixing Hazel’s face!! If only I could make them magically disappear in real life…
    Oh, how I will miss your pictures. Maybe you should rethink that move–just for me.

  4. kimmie · February 18, 2011

    Adorable party! Glad you arrived safely to Utah and hope your job and everything are going well!

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