Catching Up 8: The Children’s Museum

The morning after Claire’s second sleepover, we went to the children’s museum. Claire played cowgirl for a little while and worked on the farm.

I call that last set “the loneliest cowgirl.” It was then that I realized I should put down the camera and actually play with Claire instead. We built paper airplanes and made sound effects and tried unsuccessfully to dress up and put on a play. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture her as a news anchor.

And completely by coincidence, Amanda and Mike were there with the kids and grandparents, so I got to take some sneaky photos of them.

And that’s actually it! I am now all caught up. Well, I’m a few weeks behind, but the rest of the photos are from 2011, so they don’t count. I did get to see some old high school friends after our original party was postponed due to snow, but I never ended up taking photos at the party. Here was the view from my mom’s window, though:

I still can’t believe I’m moving back to the cold. I am soaking in the last few weeks where I get to walk to my car in the morning sans winter coat, where I only have to wipe off some accumulated moisture, because I know that in February, I am back to coats and scrapers and snowy roads.

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