Mobile Monday 7

Well, I left the snow in Utah to come back to rain. Last Wednesday, I very much regretted leaving my umbrella in the car. It was needed on the short run from our porch to my car across the street. The good news? It’s Mardi Gras season and the king cakes have started showing up at work!

It was my brother-in-law’s birthday on Friday. We had some friends over for gumbo and Amanda’s perfect homemade biscuits (she makes the gumbo, too, and it’s so delicious). Peter insisted that his dad wanted a Lightning McQueen cake. Amanda also took the kids to the store to pick out a game to play with their dad. Their choice? Hungry Hungry Hippo. It got a ton of use during the cold, windy, rainy afternoon yesterday.

We did have a beautiful day on Saturday, though. It was so nice that we all met up at Jackson Square in the quarter for a picnic and basked in the sun. I never got around to taking a mobile photo during our picnic (though I took lots with the canon), but here’s a snapshot of an old theater near the quarter that is just begging to be restored. How great is that sign? Also, when I was pulling out of my very tight parallel parking space, I accidentally backed my side mirror into a pole and it shattered. Oopsies. I think I can get a replacement on Amazon.

This little girly turned 6 months old on Saturday.

And, as usual, we spent lots of time just playing.


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