Catching Up 4: Activity Days

As part of my new role in the primary at church, I get to help out with Activity Days where we take the girls 8 and up out for a special day. We decided to take them for beignets and hot cocoa at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter. I picked up a few girls and then met with more of them (and their teacher and a parent) outside the cafe. It was such a busy day, though, that I didn’t think we’d find a table for all of us. So we opted to get beignets to go and sat outside to watch the weekly show put on by some fellows right next door. I know this group has a name, but I can never remember it. I’ve seen them several times before. It was really funny the first time I saw it, but it’s always the same, and now it makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable. You know how you always feel a lot more sensitive about jokes and such when little kids are around. I’m hopeful they just enjoyed the flips and spins and walking on hands. For the finale of the show, they gather up volunteers and line them up for someone to do a flip over. It’s pretty amazing. Here’s the line up:

And here’s the flip:

The whole afternoon wasn’t exactly how I pictured. I think I wanted it to be a little more magical than sitting on some steps trying to avoid the waterfall of beer coming from the lady who knocked over her 40 oz drink. I imagined taking pictures of all the girls with the charming backdrop of the cafe or of St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square… not necessarily the crowds of people.

And I definitely didn’t expect one of our girls to have an accident two minutes after she told me she had to “use it.” No, I didn’t really expect that. But there were some magical moments. Because it’s New Orleans, we ran into a parade on our walk back to the car.

And the girls all seemed to have a really good time. I was a little nervous when Becky’s mom told me that Becky had shared all of the strange things she’d seen that day (for some reason, a strange man stuck his tongue out at Becky when we were trying to find parking), but mostly she told her mom how delicious the beignets were and how much fun the street show was. So I guess it was mostly successful.


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  1. Kate · January 10, 2011

    What a fun activity! I’m glad the church has put so much focus on Achievement Days. My daughter Abby is finishing up her final year in ACD Girls (as she calls it). She has really loved the activities. She not only has fun, but they have helped her grow up. She always comes home with new things she has learned ( most notably, “I learned how to do my own hair! Let me practice on you!” and “We made flip-flops at ACD Girls! I want to make some for you!”). You’re very lucky to be able to hang out with these girls and have a hand in their upbringing and maturing!

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