Mobile Monday 6

One of the best parts of being at home over Christmas was having everyone come over to my mom’s for Sunday dinner. It meant two very cute babies rolling around (and sitting up!) on the floor.

Mikey introduced Peter to the world of Transformers.

I had two sleepovers with Claire. We played her new card game, Sleeping Queens, made buttery popcorn, designed Barbie clothes, and went to the Children’s Museum.

I had two special lunches last week: one with my friends Kyle and Jenn (and sweet little Maximillian) and one with German sandwiches from the store down the street.

The snow interrupted my plans to meet up with some high school friends on Wednesday night. Luckily, we rescheduled and on my way to Herriman, I spotted an In-n-Out. I had heard such places existed in Utah now. I was tempted to stop, but I never did.

I took pictures in moving vehicles, a plane and car, respectively.

And now I’m back in New Orleans. I get to sleep in my own delightful bed and choose from more than three shirts and two pairs of pants (I’m getting much better at packing light now that checked bags cost extra). Everything is pretty much back to normal.



  1. Liz · January 4, 2011

    Is that the Kyle and Jenn that I know too? Baby?!

    • katie · January 5, 2011

      yep!! I believe he was born in August, but I’m not 100-percent on that. He’s so sweet.

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