New Orleans All Lit Up

My friend Evelyn invited me to go see the holiday decorations downtown with her last Sunday night, and I was all too happy to oblige. I just can’t get enough of Christmas lights. I sometimes wish they were up all year-round. The first place we stopped was the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel. It was ridiculously luxurious. First of all, look at this window display.

So shiny! So many crystals! Remember in Pollyanna when Pollyanna strung rows of crystals in the grumpy mans house to create hundreds of rainbows all around? I have always wanted to do that. I bet this window makes amazing rainbows. And now for the lobby:

Magic! More details:

Evelyn’s husband, Josh, told us that the clock below once belonged to Nick Cage, and the Roosevelt bought it at his bankruptcy auction. I’d really like to know where he kept this clock.

From the Roosevelt, we walked down Canal Street.

I also took pictures of some of my favorite signs lit up all year long.

I kept hearing about the lights on Fulton Street and how they had a snow machine that went off every 10 minutes. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. It was bright and colorful, but the snow machine was actually a bubble machine. Still, it had its own kind of magic.

We took the long way back to Josh and Evelyn’s apartment, so I could check out a few more downtown sights. I keep meaning to really explore the CBD (central business district), but somehow, I never get around to it.

There’s nothing like viewing the Christmas lights to get you in the holiday spirit. I can’t wait to see the lights at Temple Square next week.



  1. kelliebuelo · December 22, 2010

    ooooooooooooo so shiny! i love these; christmas looks so different in new orleans!

  2. Amanda Nicholas · January 4, 2011

    This was a way cool post. I loooove the pictures!

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