Mobile Monday 3

There is a Christmas tree lot right across the street from my office in the parking lot of a shopping center. I ran over there to pick up a few things at Michael’s after work last week and couldn’t resist going into the Christmas tree lot. We went there a few years ago to pick out a tree, and I remember it being a magical place. I picked the wrong time to go, though. There was no one else around, so all the salesman were following me about pointing out trees and prices. I had no intention of buying a tree. I just wanted a few photos! So maybe not as magical as the last time (and there was a disappointing lack of pine smell), but I at least got a few photos.

On Thursday I went to Audubon Park with Amanda and the kids. I will never tire of the live oaks. They continually amaze me by their enormous trunks and branches.

You know where I finally got that pine smell I wanted? Whole Foods. I don’t normally shop there, but I was in the area and had to pick up a few things. The Whole Foods in Nola is in the old train depot and it is absolutely beautiful. My favorite thing about the store is not the food, however; it’s the flowers. Always so beautiful.

While running errands, I took the wrong road, but I think it was fate. It took me to a gorgeous yellow tree. One thing I desperately miss about living in the South is the lack of fall color. But we do get it in pockets (and several months later). Yes, I did park my car and stand in the road and on the sidewalk for at least 10 minutes taking photos.

We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday. One highlight included Toni reading the Cajun Night Before Christmas with all the little kids gathered around her. As the story continued, the kids got closer and closer until she was almost swamped by them.

Finally, last night I went with some friends to look at the Christmas lights downtown. I’ll be doing a real post with real photos sometime soon, but here’s just a taste.

Sorry the posting has been so light this month. I’m sure everyone knows how busy December is in general. I don’t think I’ve even taken photos off my camera yet this month. I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually. Hope all of your holiday plans and parties are coming along!


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