iphone photo dump

I always forget to share the photos on my iphone. And there are legion. So here’s a look at the many photos taken over the past month or two.

I went to a gallery a few weeks ago for an artist who creates pieces entirely out of Mardi Gras beads. I was skeptical when Jaime told me about it, but it was absolutely amazing in person. I snuck a few pictures, although they don’t really compare.

And one entirely random photo. I swear there is a fellow just like this one in Great Falls. We called him Big John. This one is, of course, a Saints fan though.



  1. Amanda Nicholas · November 18, 2010

    I should pay your phone bill so you can keep taking pictures of the kids. You are AWESOME! All the pics look great! Hooray for Iphones!

  2. Mom · November 26, 2010

    Now I know what to do with the 40 lbs of beads I brought home from New Orleans. I like the one with the trees in perspective and the white plantation house. I can’t imagine the patience it takes to do something like that. I wonder what kind of glue he uses?

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