what’s up?

Oh hey, it’s been a while since blogging. Here’s what’s been going on:

Our water heater broke last week. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed!). This would not have been a problem in the summer when you can’t possibly get cold water straight from the pipes, but it’s not summer. Showers have been ice cold. But with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am reminded about how grateful I am to have hot showers most of the year.

This past Sunday was the annual Primary Program, so I’ve been getting everything prepared for it. I have to say that I was just so proud of our primary kids. Each one of them gave a talk and they all did such a great job singing. It was a joy to watch them. I know you’re not supposed to take pictures during church, but I couldn’t help sneaking just this one:

That same evening, I got to take our one 11-year-old boy to the stake-wide Priesthood Preview meeting. I picked him up at his house in one of the not-so-nice parts of town. He was out playing with the other boys on the block, so his mom stood on the porch and called down the street to him. He rode his bike back and all the other boys followed him. They kept asking him where he was going. I was kind of nervous about the half-hour drive to the stake center – what would we talk about? But it went alright. The opening hymn for the program was Come Follow Me, one of the songs we had learned in Primary, and it just thrilled me to hear Anthony singing it out loud. He participated during the meeting and followed along in the hymn book with all the other songs. For refreshments after the meeting, they served rootbeer floats. I asked Anthony if he wanted one, and he said, “What’s that?” I explained what it was and he said he’d try it. “But, do you think it’d be ok if I didn’t like it if I just had the vanilla ice cream?” I assured him it would be. He seemed to like it, though. I had volunteered to take him to the meeting out of duty and somewhat unwillingly, but I’m so glad I did. I really love my primary kids.

Otherwise, I’ve been getting things ready for Christmas and birthdays, working, watching TV, reading, playing some Dr. Mario… you know, the usual things that make up most of life.


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