trick or treat

Who hasn’t been seduced by images of brightly colored Parisian macaroons? I mean, just look at this Google image search screenshot:

So dainty and pretty! I decided to give making them a try. I found the recipe on Martha Stewart, and it didn’t seem too difficult. Behold the results!

Not exactly Martha Stewart quality. The problem is that I picked up the wrong almonds at the store. We thought we’d give it a try anyway, but no… slivered almonds do not work the same as blanched almonds. Oh well… at least Peter liked them.

Now what to do with a huge batch of macaroon filling?



  1. Kate · October 24, 2010

    Those macaroons are beautiful to me, Katie! I could think of about a bazillion things to do with the extra filling… though eating it off a spoon straight from the bowl seems like the best option!

  2. Mom · October 30, 2010

    You should have seen my big pan of Three Muskateer insides made from three egg whites whipped to stiff peaks and sugar syrup (3 cups white sugar, 1/8 tsp salt, 3/4 cup light Karo syrup, and 3/4 cup water cooked to the hard ball stage) with 1/3 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips added at the end of whipping for 20 minutes. It tasted like the real thing, but the texture wasn’t quite right, and I’ve decided that is what I like about Three Muskateer snack candy bars. I think it is fun to be adventurous and try cooking different things. Your cookies looked yummy.

  3. kelliebuelo · October 31, 2010

    i keep meaning to try these but every blog i read tells you how hard it is and how they perfected it only after the millionth attempt {i’m so not that dedicated}. they certainly still look delish! good job!

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