October, I love you.

October is the best month to be in New Orleans. I was reflecting earlier that it was two years ago on October 10th that I quit teaching and entered a three-week period of unemployment before I started my current job. And other than the usual stresses of being unemployed, it was one of the best months ever. After spending a few hours every day job hunting, we would go to the park or head downtown or just relax on the front porch. And the city comes alive again. Houses are decorated for Halloween. Everyone is outside stretching their muscles after hibernating through the summer. While I am desperately happy to have a job this October, I do kind of regret that I’m spending these gorgeous days in my cubicle. Luckily, I still have every other Friday off, so I can bask in the glow of October a little more. To celebrate the end of summer, Amanda and I took the kids to the French Quarter for some beignets.

Apparently it’s not such a secret that October is the best month in New Orleans because the line at Cafe du Monde was about half a mile long. We decided to get our treats to go and took them across the street to Jackson Square. I’m surprised at how patiently Peter waited for me to take his picture when he knew just what awaited him in the big bag. The boy has learned that I always want to take pictures.

The downside of getting beignets to go is that you miss out on the cafe atmosphere. The upside is that you get to shake the beignets in a bag full of powdered sugar so they are perfectly coated.

It doesn’t keep the powdered sugar from coating everything else, though.

This was Penny’s first experience with a beignet.

And it was the day before my hair cut (see last post), so I felt like a final picture was in order.

I should have thought about the clashing greens, though. And the sun making me squint. Oh well… at least my hair looks long-ish.

A muffuletta from Central Grocery completed our return to the French Quarter after the long, hot summer.

Oh October, I can’t believe you’re almost over.


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