the animals

I love getting every other Friday off, especially now that the weather is getting nice! Amanda and I always try to take advantage by going to do something fun in the morning. A few weeks ago, we went to the zoo. Thinking back on our visit, we didn’t actually see very many animals. Amanda and the kids go there quite often since they have an annual pass. It’s really nice that way because we can just wander around for an hour or so without feeling pressure to make good use of our ticket. We did see the flamingos, which are hard to miss because they’re bright pink and right when you enter the Audubon Zoo.

I just love the way their necks fold up. We also saw a pelican.

And some zebras.

I felt like we got up really close to the animals this time. In fact, a giraffe was eating from some bushes not more than 2 feet away from us at one point. It was great to see all the details. I just love the knobby knees.

And then there was the close up look at a T-rex.

Mostly I just enjoy spending some time with these little animals.

(For a better write up of our trip to the zoo, check out Amanda’s blog.)

It seems like I just can’t bring this blog current. Every post is a few weeks after the event. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon.



  1. Tom · October 4, 2010

    Don’t worry about currency–it just means you have an exciting real life to live!

  2. Kimmie · October 5, 2010

    I just saw the movie The Errand of Angels and thought of you and what a fantastic companion and missionary you were! Love you and miss you!

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