Cache Valley

I was so excited to drive up to Cache Valley during my visit to Utah. I just love it there, and I haven’t been able to visit for several years. I would have liked to spend more time, but our visit was brief. Since my mom came, we went more on a family tour of Cache Valley than a Katie Armstrong – the College Years tour. But I still got to see some of my favorite things.

One of those is simply just the drive into Cache Valley through Sardine Canyon. Ever since I was a little kid and we would drive up on Sunday afternoons, I have loved this one particular spot of the canyon.

And when I was older and drove myself, I loved the bend in the road right as you come out of the canyon.

We took a different route than I was used to in order to drive through the little town of Hyrum. This is where my grandparents were born just after the turn of the century. I had never taken this road before. And that was a total waste because it’s a beautiful road.

My mom navigated us to her grandparent’s house based completely on memory. She told me about how her mom would have to walk down the hill to get eggs. I really liked that story, and hearing it as we drove down the very hill made it feel very near. Here’s my great-grandpa’s house.

My mom would always tell me about the fruit trees. Mom also guided us to the Hyrum Cemetery, where her family is buried. Their spot overlooks the whole valley – a lovely resting spot.

And apparently, this is where my grandma would go and dance the night away.

Have I mentioned how much I loved the grass in Utah?

I know it seems strange, but I always walked on it tentatively until I remembered that I didn’t have to worry about fire ants. It was just thick and cool and so green. I miss barefoot summers.

I took my mom up to campus and showed her all of the changes. I love that we both went to the same university and that her Family Life building and my English building are right next to each other. And we both worked in Old Main.

The view from Old Main Hill:

We had just finished driving around campus when Matt and Izzy called to let us know they were in town and we went to my Aunt’s house, as previously blogged. Like I said, I really wish I could have spent more time in Logan. I loved my three years there. It’s always great to go back for a visit.


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