Lovely Abita Springs

On Friday I had an appointment across the lake, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and explore one of the little towns on the North Shore, Abita Springs.

First I had to get over there, which requires driving along the 24-mile Pontchartrain Causeway.

It’s rather pleasant, riding just above the surface of the lake. I know I’m a Westerner because I am still amazed by large amounts of water. After my appointment in Covington, I drove over to Abita Spring. The whole reason for visiting this particular town was because I had read online about the Abita Mystery House. I was intrigued and wanted to visit. I went there first and drove by it. It was a lot smaller than I expected, and there were no cars anywhere. I confess, I was a little timid about going in. As much as I like to think of myself as independent, I get really shy about situations like this. I know it’s kind of silly. It’s a public museum and they probably really want visitors. But I didn’t want to be the only person there. That meant I might have to make conversation with someone and what if they watched me while I looked around? Awkward. My life is spent trying to avoid potentially awkward situations.

So I drove by the museum three more times and then I realized that they might not take a debit card. So I went to Walgreen’s and tried to find something to buy so I could get some cash back. I finally worked up the courage to go inside the museum. I parked, walked up to the door, and pulled on the handle….. it was locked. And there was a sign that said, “Be back at 1:45.” It was then about 1:35, so I knew I would only have to wait 10 minutes. I decided to take some pictures while I waited.

Just look at some of these exhibits:

  • The Amazing 22-foot Bassigator!
  • Darrel the Dogigator
  • Red Bean Eating Turtle
  • Old Bikes Wedding Chapel (or possibly just old bikes and a wedding chapel)
  • Old Radios!

Oh, not to mention:

Looked like a totally awesome place. But then I realized that if I were there waiting when the proprietor got back, I could have a potentially awkward conversation with him/her. So after I took some photos, I left and planned to return after I explored the rest of the town.

On my second circle of the town while I was trying to get up courage to visit the museum, I spotted a really nice park with some trails. I decided to park the car and brave the heat to check out the trails.

Abita Springs is famous for its microbrewery. I thought maybe I’d see it, but I didn’t. To be fair, I didn’t do any research about where it’s located. By the looks of this water, the brewery might be close by.

I am always amazed at the amount of differing plants that make up the verdant shrubbery (verdant is a leftover word from my days at Scenic Byways – we were always writing about the verdant scenery). I used to imagine that I would like to be a botanist and go on nature hikes and draw plants in my journal. It felt very Anne of Green Gables, but that never became a reality because I was reading Anne of Green Gables in my bedroom instead of hiking in the mountains. Now I wish that I knew what more about different plants. Like what are these lovely lacy leaves?

Adjacent to the trails is a park with a playground…. the dwelling of the tire worm.

(He who controls the spice, controls the universe.)

Abita Springs has a really great artsy vibe going for it. I didn’t take a picture, but it has this amazing two-story gazebo, which I imagine they use for parties and music. I loved the painted panels on the fence surrounding the park. Here are two samples:

After the park, I was so ready for my air-conditioned car. I blasted that thing, and then I didn’t want to get out again. I thought about going back to the Abita Mystery House, but I had already talked myself into coming back another time. Because I also heard that there’s an alligator farm nearby, and of course I would want to see that. So, until then, farewell Abita Springs.


  1. Amanda Nicholas · August 23, 2010

    love the pictures. i reeally love the sign “playground for GOOD children”, wish that could be enforced at all playgrounds:)

  2. kelliebuelo · August 23, 2010

    you TEASE, i thought i was going to see the 32 foot alligator! 😉 looks like an awesome little town and museum. i hope you go back. i had no idea you were so shy because you’re so good at making pleasant small talk with everyone, always, while i stand there like a plank of wood. what i’m sayin is, at least know you’re good at hiding the awkwardness.

  3. Coshon · April 10, 2011

    Love the pictures! We have been living in Abia for 10 years now an love it. I would recomend you visiting in December during Christmas time for more great pictures. The towk is lit up with christmas lights!

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