St. Louis III

I took my mom for a little drive last week around the Quarter.  It was a rainy kind of day, but I love the summer rain here.  It always surprises me when I step out of my car and it’s still hot outside.  From our house, you have to drive through the CBD (central business district) to get to the French Quarter.  Whenever I see buildings like this stopped at a red light…

I am always reminded that I really need to explore downtown New Orleans. I haven’t ever gotten out and walked around there and that’s a real shame. Maybe when the temps cool down a bit, I will do that.

After driving around the Quarter, I took my mom to my second favorite cemetery in New Orleans (I took her to my first favorite last time she visited), St. Louis III. This is a smaller cemetery near the Museum of Art. I often see tour buses there. I wonder if they go there because it’s so convenient or if there’s something more to the cemetery that I don’t know about. It does have some exceptional family mausoleums. It was one of the first cemeteries I visited when I moved here (I’d link, but the old carbon copy entry isn’t available). Since I didn’t know about my favorite cemetery at the time, I also took Matt, Izzy and Claire here when they came to visit. It’s really quite lovely. Moving on… this time I noticed a group of tombs with amazing texture.

I loved the way each tomb combined textures. I also saw this beautiful wrought iron gate with a weeping willow and lambs.

Looking at it again, it could be a live oak with Spanish moss, which makes it more local. I kind of like that idea even better. I love all the different wrought iron designs.

We didn’t look around for very long because have I mentioned the heat? And the humidity? Yeah, I know… broken record. But I’ll just leave you with these very elegant urns.

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