when mama’s away…

Last week, I watched the kids while Amanda went to one of her final doctor’s appointments before the new baby comes (this week!). Peter and I were playing peek-a-boo with an old sheet, when I had a brilliant idea. Let’s build a fort! We pulled out all of the kitchen chairs and tied the sheet to each one of them.

So it was more of a tent than a fort, but it had one of the essential elements as far as forts go – a roof.

Peter was still playing a little peek-a-boo once we got the fort set up.

Here he is!

The great thing about a fort made of chairs is that there are plenty of places to sit.

Penny wasn’t sure how she felt about the fort.

Overall, she was much more interested in playing with Woody.

The fort wasn’t exactly structurally sound, so it didn’t hold up for very long. But it was fun while it lasted.


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