A Trolley Ride

Something you will probably notice right away if you ever visit Savannah is that there at least half-a-dozen trolley tours that circle the city. After lunch, Jaime and I decided that it might be a good idea to take one since we’d cover more ground than walking and probably learn some interesting historical facts about the city. So we drove to the visitor center and took the cheapest trolley that was about to leave. We hoped that in addition to saving our feet, it would also be cooler with a breeze. It was not cooler. In fact, it just made me really, really thirsty. This was the only disappointing thing about our trip. I think if we had taken the trolley early in the morning (you can hop on and off again through the rest of the day), it would have been much more successful. As it was, we really just wanted the tour to end so we could get some water! And it wasn’t great for taking photos either. They all turned out kind of crooked. And now I don’t remember the stories behind most of them, but here are some that I do recall.

The gates at this building, once a residence but now a legal firm, were built to resemble the gates at Buckingham Palace. And the house may look like it’s built from common bricks, but they are actually bricks of marble.

This is (a composite of) the tallest steeple. I believe it belongs to the Presbyterian church.

I don’t know if this inn has any historical significance, but I really liked the sign and only wish I had seen it all lit up.

There was something more to this building, but all I remember is that Henry Ford bought it and used it to show off his Model Ts.

I don’t remember why this building was important at all, but I think I might have just liked the brick design.

That is pretty much all of the most decent pictures from the trolley. I gave up taking pictures pretty quickly because all I could think about was the thirst. And all the trees and people in the way and the car moving just when I was about to take a shot. You know, stuff like that.


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