dream maker, you heart breaker

We got back from Savannah late last night. We had such a good time, even though it was much too short and I came home with bronchitis. I’ll be posting more about the trip later this week. I’m still going through all the photos, but since it’s Music Monday, I thought I’d share a song connected with Savannah.

The first place we visited in Savannah was Bonaventure Cemetery, the burial place of songwriter Johnny Mercer.

I didn’t realize until just now how many famous songs Mercer either wrote or collaborated with. I knew him primarily for the song, “Moon River.” I loved the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I was in junior high. How could a young girl not love Holly Golightly’s black dresses and big hats? I loved that she kept her perfume bottle in the mail box and her slippers in the fridge. I loved her 60s hair styles, and of course, the closing scene of Holly and Paul kissing in the rain. How I longed for a fire escape on which I could perch and play the guitar.

I just love this song. It’s even better when sung by Andy Williams. My parents had this Golden Voices CD with songs by Sinatra (Frank and Nancy) and Dean Martin and the likes. It also had this version of Andy Williams singing “Moon River.”

Andy Williams: Moon River

(Hey, if it’s good enough for Nelson Muntz, it’s good enough for me.)


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  1. Tom · June 15, 2010

    Auspicious synergy here, and amusing anecdotes about B@T’s:


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