Here Comes the Summer

I keep reading on facebook and blogs and twitter how excited every one is for summer. Aw summer… when you walk barefoot in the grass. Summer, with it’s hot days and nice, cool nights. I always loved summer nights the most. Of course, that was when I lived in Utah.

Now whenever someone mentions summer, I feel a slight sort of dread. Summer in New Orleans means that it’s already 73-degrees before 7 o’clock in the morning and only gets hotter. It’s when I have to deal with cockroaches and swarming termites that try to crawl inside my computer screen because it’s the only light on in the room. Summer is the threat of hurricanes and evacuations. It’s 90% humidity every day. It’s heat rashes and skin that never quite feels dry. In short, summer is what I have to put up with to live in a temperate and beautiful environment the rest of the year.

Not to leave this post on such a sour note, there are some things about summer in New Orleans that I just love. The crepe myrtles are starting to bloom, which means almost every street is lined with purple, pink, fuchsia, and white blossoms. I love the hot downpours that come almost every afternoon, usually accompanied by thunder and lightning. I even, occasionally, love the heavy summer nights here, where the sun sets at 8:30, and the cicadas are whirring and everything feels thick and pressing. Those few things, and the promise of the rest of the year, make it bearable.



  1. April · June 3, 2010

    I don’t know that I could handle summer in New Orleans, or any humid place for that matter. Even though it is dry as a bone here, I still hate how hot it gets in the summer!

  2. kellie · June 7, 2010

    utah hasn’t quite figured out what to do with itself. it’s like someone poked it in the side and is like… um, i don’t want to tell you how to do your job and all, but it’s kind of summer now….and you missed spring entirely… and utah is like “oh shit! i totally forgot because i was wrapped up on season 2 of Dexter!” and then it threw together this half-assed spring/summer thing where half the days were raining and the others are 89 and windy.


    hang in there with the humidity! i don’t know that i could do it and i’m a heat lover!

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