hang your holiday rainbow lights

I used the shuffle feature on my ipod for the first time on Saturday when I was out running errands and couldn’t decide what to listen to. One of the songs that came up was Gospel by The National. It’s the kind of song you just settle into and think, yes, this is the perfect song for a rainy afternoon. I know the album (Boxer) came out in 2007, but it’s only been this past year that I have returned again and again to the album. I’m really looking forward to their latest album, High Violet, that just came out this week. Perhaps a song will be featured on a future Music Monday post. But for now…

The National: Gospel

The thing about The National is that I can’t listen to them without thinking of a band that I loved in junior high/high school called Idaho Syndrome. They were a local band, but I used to always steal their CD from my brother. I thought I had burned a copy of it once, but I can’t find it anywhere. The best I can do is link to this YouTube video. It’s not my favorite song, but it’ll at least give you an idea. (I really wish I could find that album!)

And then Idaho Syndrome always reminds me of my brother and my brother’s band, Elsewhere, that I used to go see in the basement of Club DV8 when I was in high school. I would wear my 10-hole Doc boots and I thought I was so cool. I actually do have a copy of their album, so I’m going to post a song from it, too.

elsewhere: don’t know the name of the song. sorry!

The great thing about summer in New Orleans is that there are a lot of afternoon rain showers that call for some rainy day music. Do you have any recommendations?


  1. Jen T. · October 16, 2010


    What are your favorite Idaho Syndrome songs? My partner was one of the original members back in the day and wrote many of them. 🙂


    • katie · October 17, 2010

      Hi Jen! I wish I could remember the names of the songs, and since I don’t have the CD anymore it’s hard for me to look them up. One nice reader actually sent me some mp3s he had. I rediscovered my love for the song Garden. I had forgotten about that one. Unfortunately, he didn’t send me the one I remember as my favorite. It was something about going home but the home has changed. But I think I can honestly say that I really loved everything from Schemes of Angels (the only album I had). I listened to it all the time until my brother repossessed it.

  2. Jen T. · October 17, 2010

    Oh, excellent! She wrote both of those! The one is called “A Sort of Homecoming.” Apparently, Schemes of Angels was their second album, and when the band broke up, they re-recorded it without most of the original band and put it on CD. If you ever want to talk to Shelbi about the band or anything, you can reach her at shelbiandjen@gmail.com or shelbihaig@hotmail.com.


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