i see you comin’ round

Last week one of my favorite bands released a new album. This means they are also going on tour! Unfortunately, they are not coming to my city, but my friends in Salt Lake can hear them for free at the Twilight Concert Series in July. If you are in the Salt Lake area, I would highly recommend going to the show. I’ve seen this band live a couple times and they always put on an amazing show. So who is this band? The New Pornographers. I know… I always get some funny looks when I say they are one of my favorite bands, but don’t be like this lady in the Salt Lake Tribune* and judge a band by its name. Rather, remember the good advice left in the comments of this article:

“New Pornographers” is just the name of the band. It has nothing to do with their performance.

The Pixies-not affiliated with magic in any way
Modest Mouse-are humans and might be a tad arrogant
Barenaked Ladies-are fully clothed and actually men
Violent Femmes-are not violent, possibly femmy though
Pink Floyd-no one is named Floyd, nor pink
Police-no affiliation with law enforcement
Doors-are actually people, not windows either
Dixie Chicks-are not transexuals
The Cure-didn’t actually cure anyone

You might be surprised to discover that the Black Eyed Peas, Roots, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Cake, Meatloaf,Korn,Bread, Cream, Tonic,MOldy Peaches,Blind Melon,Cranberries,Hot Chip, The Eels,Strawberry Alarm Clock,Capt Beefheart,Vanilla Ice, String Cheese Incident, Old Crow Medicine Show,Lemonheads,Ice Cube,Hot Tuna, Humble Pie, and Wavy Gravy are all inedible.

I have been listening to the album all week and trying to decide what song I want to share with you. I decided on this one:

The New Pornographers: If You Can’t See My Mirrors

And a bonus track:

The New Pornographers: Electric Child of Witchcraft Rising

*article pointed out to me by a friend who saw it on perpetua.



  1. Mike · May 11, 2010

    You know, you can’t spell dishonorable without honorable.

    I like it. Good show. Too bad about the name. Such a poor choice. I mean, you only get one chance to name your band, and then you are stuck with it. Put a little thought into it, guys! Today’s bands should study the genius of the hair metal bands’ names: Ratt, Krokus, Tesla, and Ugly Kid Joe.

  2. kellie · May 16, 2010

    Her letter wasn’t a joke? Oh. My.

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