Bourbon Street

Whenever I fly back into New Orleans, I often sit next to people who are going on vacation and I can’t help but hear their conversations about what they are going to do during their stay and without question, their weekend revolves around the French Quarter, and specifically, Bourbon Street. Ok, so I know that Bourbon Street and the French Quarter are pretty iconic. I understand that for most people a visit to New Orleans wouldn’t be the same without them. But there is so much more to this city than that street! It will probably come as no surprise that I avoid the street as much as possible. It’s just a strip of drunk tourists and naughty posters. But you know what it has tons of? Great neon signs. Kellie and I went on a Haunted History Tour of New Orleans the last night of her visit. The tour meets just off of Bourbon Street, so we walked along it for a bit. Here are a few pictures of Bourbon Street at night.

I took some pictures of some other signs and sights that are not really appropriate for this blog. Seriously, Bourbon Street is so not worth your time. I can tell you a million other things to do on your visit to New Orleans. And one of them would totally be the Haunted History Tour. As luck would have it, we actually had the same tour guide as I had almost 2 years ago when I went with Liz. He was just as excellent and expressive this time.

Just a warning, though, these tours should really be called “Gross-Out History Tours,” though, because he goes into such gory details about the deaths of some of the ghosts. But the guide, who is actually a grad student in economics, said something I thought was really interesting. That when there is great disparity in wealth, there is true culture and that’s why New Orleans as a city is so fascinating. That rings true to me.


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  1. Jeremy · May 26, 2010

    That exotic girls sign is so great. I love that the last light is out.

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