metairie cemetery (yes, again)

There are a few places I always take people when they come to visit and that’s because they are my favorite places and I feel like they are “must-sees” for New Orleans. One of these is Metairie Cemetery. I had heard that there is an audio tour of the cemetery that you can pick up from the funeral home, so I decided to check it out. I knew some stories from a tour I took about 18 months ago, but my memory was fading and I wanted to learn more. Unfortunately, the audio tour was kind of a fail. It was looong and the directions were hard to follow. I kind of wish I could write my own some time. We quit using it after the first 15 minutes. But it did take me to some new places. For example, I saw the marker of the husband and wife co-founding team for the local paper here, the Times-Picayune.

And I found this creepy vault.

What makes it so creepy? The hands are coming from inside!

The audio guide directed me to this guy. I can’t remember for sure, but I think the audio said he was Zeus. I would have thought Moses.

On our way, I came across this cross.

Let’s look a little closer:

Something I still remember from my high school art history class is the symbolism shown here. The lamb in the center obviously symbolizes Jesus Christ. But the figures around it are the writers of the four gospels. Angel = Matthew, Lion = Mark, Ox = Luke, and Eagle = John. You can remember that because the acronym is ALOE. (My high school art history class was one of the best classes I have ever had. I still remember so much from it, and it was almost 14 years ago. Yikes.)

Also, I really like the font.

Something I love about the vaults in the New Orleans cemeteries (and houses, for that matter) is how plants will grow anyway. There are always ferns and moss and flowers peeking out of the concrete.

I had to take Kellie to see my favorite stained glass, which provided the perfect backdrop for one of the few pictures we took of us together.

But this is the first time that I noticed you can look through the stained glass for a really cool effect.

I just love how the Metairie Cemetery is so expansive that I can go again and again and find new things.


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