Oak Alley

Last Sunday, I took Kellie to Oak Alley Plantation. I had been there once before, but it was more than two years ago and on a very windy and cold November day. It was much nicer in the spring. For one thing, there were flowers:

And for another, you could purchase a refreshing mint julep to enjoy on the veranda.

The oaks were still there, though. All 28 of them.

They have massive roots.

Kellie was with me on my first visit to the South many years ago when we traveled the Ashley River Road Scenic Byway near Charleston for work. We toured three plantations as part of our research for National Scenic Byways Online. (Man, that job was the best.) I think she liked Oak Alley, but I’m pretty sure we both agree the gardens in South Carolina are better. Sorry, New Orleans plantations… it’s just how it is. There are lots of other reasons to like New Orleans.



  1. Kitty · May 2, 2010

    That looks just how I imagine Tara.

  2. kelliebuelo · May 6, 2010

    Oak Alley really was so beautiful. And you’re such a better blogger than me, my gosh. :p

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