FQ Fest

On Saturday, Jaime and I drove downtown to French Quarter Fest and looked for a parking spot for 45 minutes. I was skeptical whether it would be worth it, but it was! I don’t mean to keep bragging about the weather, but it has seriously been perfect lately. And it’s amazing how much having perfect weather makes everything kind of wonderful. I debated about whether or not to bring my camera because I keep thinking that I will tire of taking pictures in the quarter, but apparently, I never do. You saw some of them yesterday. Here are just a few more:

Of course, you can see those parts of the quarter any day of the week. We were going for the food and music. Roasted duck po’boy with slaw from Jaques Imo’s, anyone? Um… yes! And hazelnut and strawberry crepes? Double-yes!

Some great jazz music on every corner? Totally!

An unofficial quirky puppet show on a back street? Why not!

It’s all in a typical New Orleans Festival.


  1. Jeremy · April 18, 2010

    I love that photo with the balloons. Such an interesting mix of colors.

    • ktelaine · April 19, 2010

      Thanks Jeremy! I actually saw those balloons when I was driving around trying to find a parking spot. They caught hold of my attention so strongly that I had to go searching for them.

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