Miscellaneous Seattle

I have just a few random photos that I wanted to post about Seattle. First of all, I want to rave about my awesome hotel room. I stayed in the Westin, which is the same place they held the conference last year, so I knew to expect a pretty posh room. In fact, it was basically the exact same room I had last year, but with a different room number and a different view. Speaking of the view:

Yep, it was awesome. I even had a sliver of a view of Elliot Bay during the daylight hours. The other great thing about this room, the king-sized heavenly bed. I adore this bed. It’s so comfy.

Right before I left on the trip, I had gotten some books in the mail. They were additions to my lovely little hardcover set I started last year. I was excited to bring Lady Chatterly’s Lover with me. I read it while at Smith (man, Smith seems to come up a lot lately) and I’ve been wanting to read it again.

But remember how I had to buy a book in order to eat by myself? This is what I picked up.

It’s from a young adult series called The Luxe I ran across while trying to find a new audiobook. They advertise it as The Age of Innocence meets Gossip Girl, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. I am really into the books (this is the third in the series), but I am totally embarrassed by the covers and the titles. I would much prefer to carry my sophisticated D.H. Lawrence onto the plane, but I would rather read (at this time) the paperback.

One last photo from a final trip to Pike’s Place.

A random, but perhaps fitting, end to all these posts about Seattle.



  1. Kristy is the coolest · April 2, 2010

    The Luxe? I haven’t heard of those books. Would I like it?

    • ktelaine · April 3, 2010

      Oh, you totally would! It’s just a fun, easy read. I really want them to make a movie.

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