taking off and landings

A few weeks ago, my Internet friends were discussing what songs would make the list for a cd used to convert someone to radiohead. As everyone listed all of these songs that I had forgotten I love, I started craving radiohead, so I’ve been listening to them quite a bit over the last few weeks.

Right before I left for Smith College, my older brother took me out to lunch and then to Media Play and offered to buy me two albums. I know, what a great big brother, right? What two albums did I walk away with? Shooting Rubberbands at Stars by Edie Brickell and OK Computer by, of course, Radiohead. Very different albums, and while I like the Edie Brickell album a lot, ok computer got the most playing time. It makes perfect sense. For one thing, it’s a great album. But also, there I was… 18 years old and across the country from my family. And did I mention that I chose Smith College after I read all of Sylvia Plath’s journals? Yeah, radiohead was right up my alley, and there were many times when I would walk around campus at night or lay in the dark on my bed and listen to this song:

Radiohead: Let Down

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