I Caught a Cabbage or Two

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The computer I’m typing this post on is now three year’s old, so I expect it to start falling apart any time now that my Apple Care has run out. But awww… St. Patty’s Day. One of my fondest memories from Purdue is spending a St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago when they turned the river green. And we went to a parade. I remember we were disappointed with the parade, but really how fun could a St. Patty’s Day parade be, right? Um… welcome to New Orleans! They know how to do parades here. After the service activity on Saturday, I changed into my green attire and caught one of the uptown parades. We were kind of late, but luckily the parade was too, so we didn’t miss much.

The first part of the parade was full of boys with at least a little Irish in them strolling the streets in tuxedos and handing out flowers and beads for kisses.

We were right by the bathroom stop, I guess.

Let’s imagine what the guy is texting/twittering: OMG, I’m in a St. Patty’s Day parade. U should see the girlz across the street. Hott! Or something.

I had heard that during the St. Patrick’s Day float they threw cabbages, potatoes, and carrots, but so far, it was just a lot of men with flowers, but after a while, the real floats started to come. And yes, there were cabbages.

While the first float made sense…

I couldn’t quite figure out what the others floats had to do with St. Patrick or Ireland.

Here’s one for the gents!

But don’t worry ladies, there’s one for you right behind it.

It wouldn’t be a parade without the obligatory Super Bowl Trophy float.

And more cabbages being thrown out. I never did see any potatoes or carrots.

This guy saw me taking pictures and called me over with the promise of awesome flamingo beads. The condition? I had to take his pic.

Totally worth it. At the end of the day, I came home with this:

And a close-up of my hula girl flamingo.


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